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Hello friends! Welcome to my blog: Flying from East to West. Five years ago, my journey has started from South East Asia (Vietnam) to Western Europe (the Netherlands). So yeah, that’s how I came up with the name for my blog √.

I am Jenna, a Vietnamese girl. I’ve been living in 3 countries and traveled to 23 countries and still counting. I am always excited whenever I have a chance to visit a new destination.

The more I travel the more I realize that Vietnam is a precious pearl of the travelers.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

One day I woke up and a new idea popped up in my mind  “Why don’t I start a travel blog? Or just simply a blog to write about the places I’ve been to.”, because I love traveling and capturing photos, mostly every weekend I have explored at least one new interesting place. I have so many things that I would like to share with everyone, and it can be a good tip or a guideline for the other travelers. Plus, my experience in digital marketing is an advantage for this blog. I know quite a lot of techniques and tricks to create and develop a website. So why not? I have more than 3 reasons to start a travel blog. Let’s do it!

And here’s where you can get to know more about me.

In 2013, I went to Taipei (Taiwan) to join a one-year student exchange program. That was the first time I moved to another country, and since then Taiwan has always held a special place in my heart. That was an amazing year when I learned Chinese and traveled to many places in this lovely country. Thanks to the good social-security system, I felt absolutely safe living and going around there. Moreover, the Taiwanese are so friendly and kind. Some teachers even drove me and my classmates to the other small towns to learn about the culture and relax on the weekend.

Me and my friends in Taitung, Taiwan

At the beginning of 2015, I came to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to study master (Thank God I got the diploma!!!). Rotterdam is a modern city compared to the other cities in the Netherlands. You will expect to see the high buildings in distinctive, unusual shapes in the city center. About 15 minutes on the bikes from Rotterdam city center, you can enjoy the view of the green fields with traditional windmills, cows, horses, and sheep.

After one year living here, I met the love of my life in Rotterdam <3 and I decided to live here in the next coming years.

I have had so many bikes in the Netherlands

Europe is not big compared to the other continents, and so far I have visited 11 countries. Every year, I went back to Vietnam to visit my parents and to show my boyfriend the beauty of Vietnam.

Thank you for a quick look at my blog!

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    1. Yes, they are awesome and colorful! I had a long story behind that photo about 5 years ago, maybe I should have a post about it :p.

  1. So cool Nhu. I’m happy to see you enjoy you writing all those posts. Keep it up, won’t be easy, but hey, will be worthy. Can’t wait to go to Twain hopefully next year and use all your tip <3

    1. Thank you chi! Yep it won’t be easy, I already struggled with coding, web design and all the stuff, but keep doing what I like is so greaaaat!!!

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