5 good part-time jobs for international students in the Netherlands

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I wish someone has told me about these part-time jobs EARLIER and I didn’t have to try around 10 jobs in MANY different places to find out the good ones. Even though I am not a student anymore, I know that every year a lot of people leave their hometowns to come to the Netherlands to study. Well, if you’re an international student, I would like to share with you some options based on my experiences (also sweat and tear haha). I hope you’ll have a good choice when it comes to choosing a part-time job alongside your studies.
Without speaking Dutch, surely you can do these jobs as long as you speak English fluently (and your native language may also an added value).

Freelance Translator

You can easily create an account on some websites like Airtasker, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. and start searching how to become a freelance translator. If you’re confident with your language skills, DO NOT hesitate to give it a try. There are a lot of companies or project owners who need someone like YOU to translate their medical documents, travel documents, business contracts and more.

One of the best benefits of being a freelance translator is the freedom of working in flexible hours. You’ll have control over your schedule and work at your own pace.

Studying in the Netherlands, you’ll have a lot of holidays, for example, Spring break, Summer break, Winter break. If you have no plan to travel somewhere during the breaks, it’s time to make MONEY. No worries when you don’t have any experience in translation yet! Just start with the easy projects to build up your profile.

Example: In the search bar on Fiverr or Airtasker, type “translate Vietnamese to English”, “translate Spanish to English”, or any languages you’re good at. You can see what type of translation jobs are available on the market.


If you love playing with children and taking care of them, babysitting is a perfect job for you. The fact is many Dutch parents would like their kids to speak English at an early age. Therefore, they especially look for an English speaking babysitter who lives near their area. The job of a babysitter can be picking kids from school, playing with them, helping them in doing homework, etc.

Nowadays technology makes everything easier, you can google a website or an app that connects parents and babysitters in your city. Babysit.org is an example (I used to use this website). Similarly to other jobs, you also need to create your own profile with your experiences, approach the families in a polite way to get a job.

If you love dogs or cats, you can also be a petsitter, just google and do a bit research, you’ll find a lot of options on the internet. If you neither love babies nor pets, you can just take care of yourself and look for the other jobs;).

Telephone Market Researcher

Working as a telephone market researcher, you will collect market research data through phone calls. For example, you will call a company or a person to gather their opinions on the products/services they’ve used.

GDCC is a global data collection company that hires expats, international students in the Netherlands. They are recruiting all languages (part-time and full time) for their offices in Rotterdam and London. You can check their website to see if you meet their requirements.


Being an international student in the Netherlands, you need a work permit even it’s just a part-time job in a restaurant. However, many restaurant owners don’t provide students a working contract or apply a work permit for them. This is illegal and both employers and employees will get a high fine.

One restaurant chain in the Netherlands I know that hires international students is HAPPY ITALY. They will provide you a working contract with the salary based on the Dutch salary scale, and you can schedule your working hours on an internal system. In the summer, Happy Italy always needs a lot of people to work as a waiter/waitress, bartender, chef. If you would like to work in a young and fun team, join them!


You may think volunteering is not a part-time job. YES, you’re right! It’s more than just a part-time job. It helps you expand your network, understand the Dutch social system and meet more locals in the city where you live. To be honest, being a volunteer is one of the best experiences I got when I was a student in the Netherlands. So that’s why I include this to the list. I hope you’ll also have many nice stories to share. Why not helping people, having fun and creating more memories during your student life?

You may need this: 3 fun & meaningful volunteer activities in Rotterdam

These are 5 good part-time jobs in the Netherlands that I had experiences working with. Of course, there are thousands of jobs out there you can try, but you always need to BE CAREFUL with the SCAMMERS and consider what you like to do.

If you have a special HOBBY or TALENT, you can also create a website, Instagram, Youtube channel to share and promote it. Don’t think too much that you will make money from it, just have fun with it and do it with all your heart. Trust me! One day your efforts will pay off. 🙂

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