Gay Pride Amsterdam – The happiest party that you can’t miss in the Netherlands

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Totally not a party girl but I’ve joined Gay Pride Amsterdam every single year since I moved to the Netherlands. I merely love seeing the happiness of the LGBT community as in my eyes, they’re always gorgeous and talented <3.

The 5-hour Canal Parade with more than 80 colorful boats made Gay Pride Amsterdam 2018 the most unique party in Europe this year. While the other parades use trucks, Amsterdam celebrates its freedom and diversity along the canals by the boats.

A crowded canal in Amsterdam

The presence of the famous DJ’s, singers, drag queens, gogo dancers, pretty boys and girls turned this party in full swing and tremendous fun. The parade on the canals was the highlight of Gay Pride Amsterdam every year, while the other activities like debates, exhibitions, film screenings, sporting events, and street parties attracted millions of tourists from Europe and all around the world to Amsterdam.

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Missed this year Gay Pride Amsterdam? No worry! Here you go. A detailed schedule of the party next year for you to plan ahead.

Pride Amsterdam 2019

  • 27 July 2019: Pride Walk
  • 02 August – 03 August 2019: Street Parties
  • 03 August 2019: Canal Parade 
  • 04 August 2019: Closing Concert

It’s absolutely not overstating to say Gay Pride Amsterdam is the happiest party in the Netherlands. You would probably agree with me after seeing these photos! The polices, firefighters, tourists, young & old citizens, guys & girls, gays & straights, everyone was glowing with happiness on their faces.

The police boat – ‘Proud to be your friends’
3 pretty ladies chilling on their window
Hello beautiful!!!
Hey handsome firefighters!!!
Me, my friends and 2 cheerful tourists – Gay Pride Amsterdam 2015
As long as you’re happy, does it matter who you fall in love with?
Hands in hands, a sweet moment in Gay Pride Amsterdam
Hey girl!!!! You steal my spotlight 😉
Young, wild & free
Stay strong!!! There’s always a rainbow after every storm.

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Stay tuned!!! More theme boats are coming…

An interesting thing is each boat in the parade is sponsored by a big company or organization in the Netherland. You may see the logos of Uber, ING, Philips, Salesforce, etc. in the photos and video.


Watch my video to feel the vibe of Gay Pride Amsterdam


See you guys next year in Amsterdam Gay Pride 2019!!!

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  1. Thanks for revealing the dates for next year, Nhu! I would love to attend this event next year because as you say, the love you can see there is quite rare to see!

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