The prettiest restaurant in Taichung – Pumpkin House

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If you’re a big fan of Disneyland or teddy bear, it definitely worths to give this amazing restaurant a visit! This pumpkin-ish restaurant was unexpectedly found when I was searching for the way in Taichung on Google map. The name Lulu’s kitchen & Pumpkin House immediately caught my attention on the phone screen and after checking the photos, I had no doubt that I wanted to have dinner there.

The most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever been

Huge reward for myself on a rainy day in Taichung

Lulu’s Kitchen & Pumpkin House is a fairytale theme restaurant which is 1,300 square meters and has 2 floors. Every corner of this restaurant will impress you with hundreds of cute decorations like teddy bears in all size, Halloween pumpkins in all shapes, toy vintage cars, Mickey mouses, wooden dolls, etc.

I was so happy to visit Pumpkin House

It was raining on and off all day when I was in Taichung. After a long day walking in the rain with the umbrellas and flipflops, I & my boyfriend  had dinner in Pumpkin House with enormous pleasure and satisfied bellies.~~~

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Actually, we arrived at this restaurant quite early as they opened at 5:00pm. But I didn’t mind waiting patiently by walking in the neighborhood nearby as I knew this place would give me an interesting experience. Without disappointment, the waitresses welcomed us heartily and they were incredibly friendly from the first second till the end of our dinner. Even though they only spoke a little English, they did their best to offer us the excellent service. Thumps up!!!

Though it was not Halloween, I felt the wonderful vibe of this restaurant.
I wish I could bring a teddy bear home:”]
Vintage cars and pumpkins
Disney area. So adorable!!!
A corner with CocaCola theme

How about the foods?

You might guess that this restaurant would be expensive. But it wasn’t expensive at all! The foods were really delicious and the prices were completely acceptable.

If you are an on-budget traveler in Taiwan, then this eating-photogenic spot would be ideally your choice.

I ordered an Exotic Cheese Gratin Combo with a starter, main course, dessert, and drink. The combo was 380NT$ (about US$12) and the waitress told me that she could give me more sauces as requested. Good foods & outstanding service! What could be better than this?! ^^

A healthy starter with tasty sauces
The main course is pumpkin & smoked chicken bacon gratin with pasta & cheese
Yummy yummy
Gelatin dessert. I was extremely full till here!
Many choices in Pumpkin House and I picked a combo. It was 100% delicious!
One combo costs 380NT$ (about US$12/person). Reasonable price!

This restaurant is exceptionally beautiful!

After eating all the foods, I continued exploring this restaurant and kept saying WOW many times.

Yep! This is the toilet.
The hallway outside the toilet

The waitress told me that Lulu’s Kitchen & Pumpkin House restaurant has been opened for more than 20 years but they had another location before. I was curious who the owner is but didn’t ask.

These tiny bears stole my heat ^^
Halloween theme on the stairs

A special corner for the gentlemen in Pumpkin House

Especially, this restaurant also has a Heineken area for the men where they can drink some beers and wait for their girlfriends and children. Yeaaa definitely the guys have to wait a long time while their loved ones make thousands of photos with the cute decors in this restaurant :D.

Heineken theme corner
This cute restaurant offers a man cave for the guys while waiting for their girlfriends and children making thousands of photos :p

The happiness hasn’t ended yet

Before leaving Pumpkin house, the hostess of this restaurant politely bowed to us, smiled and gave us a 10% discount which looked like a VIP card. She tried to explain clearly and also used Google translate to make sure I understood everything. OH MY GOD! I was speechless because this restaurant brought me from one surprise to another surprise. I didn’t know when I would have a chance to go back to Taichung so I gave the card to a friend of mine who lives in this city.

Overall, I think this is the excellent restaurant but if they have some soft music it would be even better, something like Disney music to match with the theme of this place.

Oops, I am about to end this post without giving you guys the address and details of the restaurant. Sorry, my bad! Here you are:

  • Address: 225, ZhongXing St, West Dist, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Hours: 11 am-3:30 pm (last order 2:30 pm), 5-10:30 pm (last order 9:10 pm)
  • Additional info: English menu available, credit cards accepted, 10% service charge

I shared many photos of this restaurant in this post but that’s not everything. There are still more surprises waiting for you to explore here;).

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