8 great places to eat Asian food in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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I do believe that “Good food can create good mood” and Asian food can even do it better than any cuisines. Without my explanation, I’m sure most of the food lovers can already guess the reasons why I have such a strong preference for Asian food like that.

Asian food mostly comes with the full dishes and colorful ingredients (which can satisfy your eyes and stomach). Moreover, their prices are all pretty cheap (if you know where to eat). Last but not least, they taste super delicious and you can have more than hundreds of choices for a meal (not only sushi!). The combination of good smell, strong taste and beautiful food presentation on a dish would greatly boost up your mood in case you had a bad day.

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There are many places to eat Asian food in Rotterdam, but I picked these restaurants to put on my list because of their affordable prices and wonderful flavors. More importantly, they’re all located right in the heart of the city. Even though I really like cooking in my own kitchen, sometimes I give myself a day off to go on an exciting food journey around the city. After a few years of tasting and experiencing, I can’t wait anymore to share with you my 8 favorite places to enjoy Asian food in Rotterdam.

*This post is not sponsored by any restaurants or organizations. I just simply love the foods and write about them.~

1. Deli Tasty

  • Cuisine: Vietnamese
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: Meent 40, 3011 JL Rotterdam
  • Open hours: daily 11:45am – 22:00pm

Deli Tasty impressed me not only with their authentic Vietnamese food but also with the elegant interior design, especially the lightwell near the kitchen brings a positive energy to the whole restaurant. Without looking at the menu, I would often order the rice with grilled spareribs, while my Dutch friend would always stick to the grilled pork with noodles and sweet fish sauce. On a cold and rainy day, I’d love to have a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodles soup with beef) in Deli Tasty. The tender beef coupled with the pleasant taste of the hot soup and all kind of herbs could gently comfort my soul and my belly when the weather suddenly turned gloomy.

This restaurant is one of the cheapest places to eat out in Rotterdam. With around €10, you can probably get full with a large portion dish. Also, students will get a 10% discount on the bill every time they eat in Deli Tasty.

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2. Vietnamese Loempia

  • Cuisine: Vietnamese
  • Type: Food truck
  • Address: Binnenwegplein 35, 3012 KA Rotterdam
  • Open hours: Thursday to Sunday: 12:00am – 18:30pm

Loempia (or spring roll) is a deep fried roll with seasoned chicken or vegetable which is one of the most popular street foods in the Netherlands.

Started the business more than 30 years ago, the owners of this food truck have witnessed the change of Rotterdam on this street year after year. Sometimes when eating a yummy loempia here, I had a little chit-chat with the women in this food truck. She said that she has made the foods with all her love and effort to give the customers the best experience every time they come to her stand. Looking at the way she cooked the loempia’s, I had no doubt that I should recommend everyone to try this food once they’re in the city center or going shop around Lijnbaan. (It’s located in front of the KFC near Mediamarkt)

3. Oriental Express

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: Mauritsweg 2, 3012 LA Rotterdam
  • Open hours: daily 12:00am – 22:00pm

Oriental Express is not so far from Rotterdam central station and I visited this restaurant at least once a month last year. The crispy grilled duck and the sweet and sour chicken should probably be on the list of “the foods to die for”. To me, the Chinese restaurants in Rotterdam are not so different from each other when comparing the flavors. But I personally like this one because of the great ambiance of the restaurant. The mix of modern and traditional styles in decoration has brought a unique look to Oriental Express.

4. My Fong

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Type: Takeout restaurant
  • Address: West-Kruiskade 52, 3014 AT Rotterdam
  • Open hours: 09:00am – 18:00pm (closed on Sunday)

Neither wanna cook nor eat out? I would go to My Fong to buy crispy pork belly or grilled duck to bring home and enjoy them on my couch. This Chinese takeout restaurant can get so crowded occasionally, especially on the holidays when people just wanna relax and not being busy in the kitchen. My Fong has many choices for their customers, for example, rice, noodles, and all kind of meats with different tastes. If you would like to go for an easy option with Asian food, check this store out!

5. Poke Bowl Original

  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: Karel Doormanstraat 457A, 3012 GH Rotterdam / Hoogstraat 117B, 3011 PL Rotterdam
  • Open hours: daily 12:00am – 20:00pm (Friday open till 21:00)

Poke Bowl is a new trendy place to eat in town. This place is nicely decorated, modernish and gives you a feeling like you’re in a snack bar or a stylish cafe. One of the best advantages of Poke Bowl is that you would not feel awkward when eating here alone, because the tables and chairs are set up reasonably for both solo and group customers.

I ordered a bowl of Aloha Salmon which has rice, salad, edamame bean, radish, seaweed, avocado, masago, crunchy onion, furikake, Poke sauce, and salmon. Honestly, this bowl had top quality ingredients that made the food extraordinary good. A small complaint that they put a bit too much soy sauce in my food. I’ll notice this to remind them next time ;).

6. Takumi Düsseldorf Netherlands

  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: West-Kruiskade 9B, 3014 AJ Rotterdam
  • Open hours: daily 11:30am – 22:00pm

Takumi is very famous in Düsseldorf, Germany. One time I even went to Germany just to wait in a long queue to have a table in the restaurant. As you would expect, I was really happy when Takumi opened a new store in Rotterdam last year. Their specialty is ramen with more than 20 options on the menu as I remember. I stepped into this restaurant with an empty stomach and left it with a big smile. Good value for money and delicious!

7. Soi 3

  • Cuisine: Thai
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: West-Kruiskade 63A, 3014 AM Rotterdam
  • Open hours: daily 17:30pm – 21:30pm

Dining out in Soi 3 on a summer day, I felt like I was sitting near a beach in Thailand and enjoying the dishes with a cold drink. This restaurant is successful in creating a chilling, lovely atmosphere as well as the tasty food. The staff is also friendly and enthusiastic. After the meal of one Massaman curry and one Yam Kuey Teaw salad, I was so full and completely satisfied. Looking forward to trying the other dishes next time!

8. Bapboss

  • Cuisine: Korean
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Address: Goudsesingel 26, 3011 KB Rotterdam
  • Open hours: 17:00pm – 22:00pm (closed on Sunday)

When it comes to Korean cuisine, there are not many restaurants in Rotterdam for the Asian food seekers to consider. Bapboss just opened recently, but it has quickly become well known and crowded every day. The fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce is a must try of this restaurant as it tastes exceptionally good! My first time at Bapboss was great and I wish to come here more often to eat more dishes (the black noodles seem delicious). Strongly recommend but note that you should call them to make a reservation beforehand (010-3160549).


Dear Rotterdammers, 

Are you hungry reading till here? Then if not planning to dine out, what are you waiting for;)? I will update the list constantly to share with you more good places to eat in town.

How about you, my international friends?

Do you also have a list of favorite Asian or local restaurants in the city where you live? Please do not hesitate to share them with me! I am willing to travel a thousand miles, cross a hundred borders, fly over 7 seas and 5 oceans to have a tasty dish:). Thank you in advance!

Best regards (with a happy belly),

Như – the food explorer

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