Explore Den Haag with a lifestyle vlogger

Either you’re a tourist or an expat living in the Netherlands, you won’t be disappointed with Den Haag. Every time I was Den Haag, the sky was always blue and clear (though Dutch weather is shitty most of the time). Perhaps I was just lucky there~!

A charming corner in Den Haag 2015 – Photo by Nhu


In this city, you can have a lot of fun on the beach, enjoy lunch in a quiet cafe or go shopping in a vibrant alleyway. Today I would like to introduce you to a Youtube channel of an outstanding vlogger who lives in Den Haag. She will bring you to many trendy restaurants, cafes and a lot of interesting events, activities in the city.

Hotspots in The Hague: T&C Twainese Cafe – Restaurant

Guidelines Asian Supermarkets in The Hague

The most unique dinner in The Hague

If you find these videos interesting, you can subscribe to her Youtube channel to discover a great place every week!

So who is the girl talking endlessly in the videos? Why does she like to talk with her camera so much? Why does she know many cool places in Den Haag? Why didn’t she choose to be a quiet blogger, a keyboard hero like most of us?!


Her name is My (correct pronunciation /mē/). She has been an entrepreneur, an affiliate marketing manager, an explorer and a dance class organizer. About one and a half year ago I met her when I worked for her business, and since then I couldn’t stop wondering why she has so much energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Finally, I’ve found the answer for myself. Only 1% of the world’s population is born to be incredibly smart, confident and tend to be successful wherever they are, whatever they do. I believe she is one of them. Not exaggerated! Life is tough, but she is absolutely tougher.

Got to know her, became her friends and learned many lessons by following up her journey, I had the courage to start this travel blog. Even though at this moment I still have no idea what will happen with this project, I have so much fun by creating content, building up the site and looking at this blog gradually growing. And I can’t wait to watch My’s vlog every week!

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