5 cool places to ‘Instagram’ in Rotterdam


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Rotterdam is so different from the other cities in the Netherlands and Europe. Don’t expect to have a romantic photo next to a canal or a large cathedral in Rotterdam. Instead, your Instagram would be painted with the colorful graffiti walls or the weird shaped buildings of this city.

Here are my 5 favorite spots in Rotterdam that you may want to snap a shot for your Instagram.

1. Cube Houses

Cube Houses look pretty modern but actually, they were designed and built in 1977. More interestingly, the Rotterdam citizens do live in this unique landmark and one time I had a chance to visit one of these houses. It’s so cool inside! Though the floor is flat, the walls are inclined at 45 degrees.

I usually don’t post a photo with the big buildings on Instagram because I look so tiny on the photo. However, I’ve found a perfect angle for myself with this Cube Houses. In the photo below, I made a great post for my friend’s Insta when she came to Rotterdam all the way from Finland to hang around with me <3.

I’ve found a perfect angle with the Cube Houses
  • Address: Overblaak 70, 3011 MH Rotterdam

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2. Westewagenstraat

One day on a weekend, I was wandering around the shopping area on Hoogstraat and Beursplein, and suddenly I turned to this street. The painted animation wall (about 7-meter-wide) surprised me! Though the style of these wall street artworks looks familiar to me, I haven’t seen them here before. And of course, I quickly made a photo next to the wall.

This is just one small part of the wall. If you find this interesting, you should come here and shoot more cool pics than me ;).

Boring black & white me standing next to the happy colorful wall
  • Address: Westewagenstraat 70, 3011 AT Rotterdam

3. Het Park

Another weekend, I was riding around this park to check out a wine tasting event, I randomly found a new spot for my Instagram. The wooden deck makes this place even more suitable for a great photo. And I love the green of the new leaves as well as the mirror lake! It was spring and nature has changed miraculously. At that moment, I imagined that I was in a movie scene though I was never good at acting haha.

Het Park is the oldest park in Rotterdam but its beauty is unbelievable. Simply type “Het Park” on Google to see more photos, you’d want to ride to there on nice weather day.!?

One shot in nature in Rotterdam
  • Address: Westzeedijk/ GR, Parkkade, 3016 CG Rotterdam

4. Luchtsingel

Luchtsingel is a wooden pedestrian bridge that connects Rotterdam Noord with Rotterdam Centrum. You will recognize this place easily because of the bright yellow color of the bridge. It is a piece of art in Rotterdam and from Luchtsingel you can watch the trains or have a fantastic view of the city.

I made this photo underneath the bridge when I was hanging around there for a coffee and joining a weekend event. There are also many interesting things around Luchtsingel you can explore, for example, a roof farm, a park, and some cafes, clothing stores.

Posing next to the wall underneath Luchtsingel on a sunny day
  • Address: Luchtsingel, 3011 AJ Rotterdam

5. Delftseplein

This spot is quite close to Rotterdam central station (about 3 minutes walking). I actually saw a photo on my friend’s Instagram and I was totally impressed with her pic at this place. Then I asked her the location and came there on the next day. Unfortunately, I was there alone so no one made a photo for me with this amazing background. I’ll definitely come back here for a photo next time.

Delftseplein is also really close to Biergarten and Annabel which are the most popular and fun places to drink and party in Rotterdam. Go to the end of the Delftseplein street, turn right and walk about 100 meters, then you can find the pub and bar that I mentioned.

Test site Rotterdam – Test your camera here!
mi have een droom? I wonder if this English or Dutch?
  • Address: Delftseplein 37, 3013 AA Rotterdam

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Have you ever had an Insta photo at those spots? Or do you know more beautiful places to take a photo in Rotterdam? Please share with me, I would love to go there to update this list;).

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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