6 things you need to know before going to Taipei, Taiwan

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In recent years, Taiwan has become one of the best destinations in Asia thanks to the beautiful landscapes as well as the easy visa requirements.

Back in 2013, I lived in Taipei for one year and since then Taiwan holds a special place in my heart. After that, I’ve traveled back to Taiwan 2 more times to explore the cities, mountains, lakes and to eat as much as I could.

I was so happy during my latest trip to Taipei this year, and I would like to share with you some travel tips before you go to Taipei, Taiwan.

1. Bring a travel adaptor

The electrical standards in Taiwan are 110V and 60Hz. If you’re a traveler from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc., you should bring a travel adaptor to charge your devices.

This is the travel universal adaptor that I always use when traveling. It can be used in different countries. Overall, I think it’s really important to prepare an adaptor before your trip to Taiwan.

2. Buy a SIM card at the airport

The first I have done after arriving Taoyuan airport was buying a SIM card. It’s essential because you may need to find your ways to get around on Google map or simply contact your family during your travel.

From the arrival gate, I turned right and walked about 10 meters to the place to buy a SIM card.

From the arrival gate at Taoyuan airport, turn right to find the telecommunication service

After checking the three SIM card providers at Taoyuan airport, I chose the one in the photo below because it fitted well with my budget and travel itinerary.


I chose this SIM card provider due to the good price and good network

I picked the package D (450 NT$, 7 days, unlimited data – about US$15) and I could share 4G internet with one other person via personal hotspot. You recommend you to consider my option if you travel with your friends and family to save the SIM card and internet cost.

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3. How to go from Taoyuan airport to Taipei center

Taipei city center is 41km from Taoyuan international airport. The easiest way to get to the city center is using the airport MRT.

After buying a SIM card, I followed the sign to go to the MRT/ high-speed rail area.

Follow this “MRT/ To High Speed Rail” to catch a train to Taipei city center

When you are at the ticket booth, you can either buy the tickets on the machines or with guys in the information center. There are 2 types of trains to go to Taipei center: Purple (quick train), Blue (slow train with a lot of stops). I bought the ticket for the purple train to go directly to Taipei Main Station. The price for one ticket was 160 NT$ (about US$5).

Choose the purple train if you go directly to Taipei Main Station

4. Where to stay in Taipei

Vvoo Art Airbnb

The place is called Vvoo Art and it looks like an art gallery. The works are displayed in the living room are the most talented and unique art pieces that the owner has collected.

Four things that this house impressed me: spacious beautiful living room, comfortable bedroom, super clean toilet, convenient kitchen.


The communication and check-in, check-out with Vvoo Art were easy and quick. I only met the owner one time when I checked in. Although I arrived at the house quite late (11pm), she still waited for me and warmly welcomed me.

Moreover, the nearest MRT station (Nanjing Samin) can be reached within a 5-minute walk. Needless you say I was completely satisfied during my stay at Vvoo Art.

Me enjoying tea and Taiwanese music in the morning

If you never use Airbnb but would like to try, remember to use my referral link. You’ll get US$29 on your first booking on Airbnb, I’ll also get US$17 in my travel credit. Yeah! 

Other accommodations suggestions

Luxury hotelHotel Midtown Richardson locates right next to MRT Ximen station which is the most popular shopping area and night market in Taipei. This high-class hotel provides you with all the amenities such as a fitness center, restaurant, air conditioning, private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and breakfast included.

Mid-range hotelMorwing Hotel Ocean is a 3-star hotel and it has a cute style for every room. Their rooms look so creative and colorful that may help you to have a more cheerful holiday. Furthermore, this hotel right close to the Nanya night market, the Lin family mansion and garden, and many supermarkets as well as the convenient stores.

Low budget hostel –  Ximen Duckstay Hostel is the best option for the flexible travelers who would like to stay in the city center with a good price. People who stayed in this hostel highly recommend it for its cleanliness, modern style, and friendly staff.

5. Buy an MRT card

An MRT card is needed to commute around Taipei with the metro. You can buy this card at the airport or any metro stations by asking people who work there. One card costs 100NT$ (no refund) and you should top up around 200NT$ (about US$6.5) for one day traveling with the metro in Taipei.

An MRT card costs 100NT$. Top up more money to travel around Taipei by metro.

To make it easier when going around Taipei, I downloaded a free Taipei Metro App. Therefore, I always had the metro map in my pocket when I was in Taipei. The app is available for iOS and Android systems, which is simple to use with English or Chinese language options.

Download Taipei Metro App

6. Bring a notebook

“Who needs a notebook while traveling? I already have my phone for everything!”

Hold on! Let me tell you this. You will not use this notebook to write or to note anything. Interestingly, the notebook will be used to get the handmade stamps at any metro stations in Taipei or at the tourist attractions in the other cities. If you would like to have your own collection of stamps, don’t forget to bring a small lovely notebook to Taiwan.

My stamps collection that I collect at the metro stations in Taipei and at the tourist attractions in the other cities ^_^.

Though I told you not to forget bringing the notebook, I did forget it (Silly me!). Eventually, I bought this notebook in Jiufen and excitedly started collecting the stamps. I think the stamps collection made my trip to Taipei more fun and meaningful.

Have a great trip to Taipei! Let me know if you have more questions :).

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